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With a population of about seven million souls in a mountainous region with very few roads, speaking 842 unrelated, indigenous languages, Papua New Guinea remains a vastly unreached country.  Our desire is to reach as many villages and language groups as possible in our lifetime.  We are honored to be going to PNG with another family from our home church, the Kyle Shell family.  For the first six months in PNG, we will be working with veteran missionary Matt Allen as part of the TTMK team that is based in the Gulf Province at a village called Kotidanga.  While we are there, we will be learning the trade language (tok pisin) and praying as to which direction the Lord will lead and open doors.  Right now, we are praying about going to the Tewata people group.   Please pray that God would prepare us for the people of PNG and the people for the Gospel that will lead them from the darkness to His Marvelous Light.




God united Daniel and Melanie in marriage on July 18, 2009.  One year and three months later, He blessed them with their first child, Philip Daniel.  Then He sent Stephen Earl twenty months later.  The Elwoods are convinced that they have the best marriage anyone could have!


Daniel  7-17-81

Melanie  5-8-80

Philip  10-17-10

Stephen 6-8-12

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Daniel-flagI was saved as a twelve year old boy after my second Sunday in church.  My brothers and I were playing with our neighborhood friends one Saturday morning, when a man on a bicycle came up to us and asked us if we had ever been to Sunday school.  I told him that I went to school Monday through Friday and I wasn't interested in going to school on Sunday.  After he told us that there were games, skits, and candy in his Sunday school class, it didn't take me long to say, "Sign me up!"  He asked my father's permission to pick us up on Sunday.  The next morning, he came by driving a big red and white school bus.  Children on the bus were singing and having more fun than I had ever seen on any school bus before.  When my brothers and I entered the bus, the man was asking questions and throwing candy around.  Since this was my first time to go to Sunday school, I didn't know any answers to the questions, but he threw some candy my way anyway.  When we got to church, we went upstairs into a classroom where we all sat down in metal chairs.  The bus captain that visited us on Saturday did some skits with his wife, and then we played some games and sang a few songs.  Then all of a sudden, everyone got really quiet and the bus captain pulled a podium to the center of the classroom and opened a black book.  I did not know that the book was a Bible.  He read Romans 6:23a which says, "For the wages of sin is death".  For the next twenty minutes, he showed all of us from the Bible what sin was and what the penalty for sin was.  He said that sin is the transgression of the law of God according to I John 3:4.  I knew what it was to break my fathers law.  I knew all to well that disobedience had consequences. What I did not know was that I had sinned against a Holy God and that I would answer to Him some day.  For the rest of his preaching, the Holy Spirit dealt with my heart and showed me that I was a sinner.  That week I was scared to death that my wages of sin would catch up to me.  Twelve year old boys seldom think about dying,  but that's all I could think about that week.  I looked both ways twice before crossing the street.  I chewed my food really well before swallowing.  I did not want to die.  About Wednesday or Thursday of the following week, my fear turned into confusion.  I had the knowledge of sin in my life and was scared, but I wondered why all the other children were so happy on the bus.  If we were all sinners and deserved death, how could anyone have joy?  I determined to go to church the next Sunday to ask that preacher a question.  The next time I got on the bus,  I was not interested in the candy or in having fun.  My burden would not let me enjoy the songs and silliness.  I did not pay attention to what was preached in Sunday school.  I was only concerned with asking the preacher my question.  When everyone was leaving to go back to the bus, I stayed in my seat.  Bro. Brian Brown (the preacher) noticed that I was still sitting in my seat and asked me if there was something wrong.  I told him that I wanted to ask him a question.  I said, "How can you and all the other children be so happy if we are all sinners and deserve to die?"  He asked me if I had listened to the lesson.  I had to tell him that I hadn't.  He then told me that he had preached the last half of Romans 6:23. He told me that God had sent His son Jesus Christ to take away the sin of the world.  He told me that where there was no sin, there could be no death.  Several verses later, I realized that Jesus wanted to take my sin away.  Jesus Christ was offering me forgiveness through the sacrifice he made on Calvary.  Bro. Brian Brown then showed me Romans 10:13.  He told me that all I had to do was believe with my heart and confess with my mouth.  I was a whosoever.  I then bowed down on my knees in that Sunday school room and asked Jesus to save me.  And what do ya know, He did!  Life has never been the same! 


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